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Oak Hill with Challenger

GWSX2576.JPGThese will be my final parting shots. I am allowing my domain name to expire by years end. Most of my blogs have been simple image posts. I believe blogs are for writers so…. I’m a man of few words, I have decided to concentrate my efforts on Flickr.

If you wish to see more of my images you can come see me on Flickr, the full link is

Or if you find yourself on Flickr my site name is Gunther-Graphics . Hope to see you there!

Long Winter!

GWSX1593.jpgIt sure has been a long winter, but more than that. We moved to a new home… It only took us 6 months. That was after looking for the right location for about 2 years. This photo is a look at what we really bought…. the view!  Not the monster deck. The financing, the sale, the purchase, the listings, the packing the move; it was so stressful I lost about 20 pounds! (I needed that though!)

I’m glad that’s all over now, I felt bad about not blogging for the last 6 months. Just before the big move I purchased a shinny new 14mm wide angle lens for my Fujifilm X-Pro1, it has simply been awesome. Its incredibly sharp! I used it to create this image. The panoramic stitching feature in the X-Pro1 put about 10 images together, IN CAMERA! I think the trick is to pan slowly to give the application time to work. This is the final image nothing in Photoshop. Just a slight crop.

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My Boys!

Axel and Ziggy look so similar but have very different personalities. We adopted them from a shelter in Kalamazoo, Michigan. They are Schnauzer and Fox Terrier mix. The breeder didn't want them because they are not perfect. They have been precious to us.

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