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Hello, my name is Gunther. I’m a commercial photographer at FiatChrysler. You won’t see any pictures of nuts and bolts here, I do too much of that stuff at work. But I do have a few pattern and abstracts of car details you might be interested in. This image tells the most about me. That was shot a couple summers ago on my kayak on the Huron River. It’s about 15 minutes from where I live, in a state park called Proud Lake recreation area. Ansel Adams had Yosemite, I’ve got Proud Lake. Most of my woods and tree shots are taken in that area.

All my life, I have worked as a Commercial Photographer. This blog sets my creative side free. I started shooting for architects, builders and interior designers and then gravitated to a more abstract artsy view of architecture. These can be viewed in the architecture PDF. In the persuit of legal tender… (I needed to support a family)  I started at Ford Photographic as a darkroom printer (long before digital). As the years progressed I advanced to Freelance Photographer learning high speed film and later high speed video.  After 15 years as a part-time temporary non-employee at Ford, I scored a full time employee position at Chrysler Photographic. Chrysler has been very good to me in the last 17 years. As I look forward to retirement I will pursue my creative work that I share here with you.



3 Responses to “About”

  1. peter huijs

    Dear Gunther,

    This message comes to you from Peter Huijs. I am a photo researcher at a small & idealistic Dutch Publisher that also publishes CD’s. For one of our CD’s, we would be very thankful if you could grant us permission to re-use one of your photographs: the Closeup view of Yellow and red tipped rose that features in Flowers Section. Can we get into contact about that, and on what conditions we would be able to use it?
    Thank you more than a lot for getting back to me!

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    • Gunther

      Thanks so much for all the likes! Retirement from my day job is still a few years off. Photography has always been on my mind as a creative escape. I like to visualize my world in two dimensions.

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