Long Winter!

GWSX1593.jpgIt sure has been a long winter, but more than that. We moved to a new home… It only took us 6 months. That was after looking for the right location for about 2 years. This photo is a look at what we really bought…. the view!  Not the monster deck. The financing, the sale, the purchase, the listings, the packing the move; it was so stressful I lost about 20 pounds! (I needed that though!)

I’m glad that’s all over now, I felt bad about not blogging for the last 6 months. Just before the big move I purchased a shinny new 14mm wide angle lens for my Fujifilm X-Pro1, it has simply been awesome. Its incredibly sharp! I used it to create this image. The panoramic stitching feature in the X-Pro1 put about 10 images together, IN CAMERA! I think the trick is to pan slowly to give the application time to work. This is the final image nothing in Photoshop. Just a slight crop.

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Based on a work at gunther.blog.
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