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Pink Houses

Around 1978 there was a fad going around… Print your infrared images on a matte surface paper. Something like Agfa Brovaria, perfect for absorbing oil colors. The first color portraits were hand painted in this fashion. This image has gone threw many phases… It began a 35mm infrared negative (a bit over exposed), printed on Agfa Brovaria then a set of Marshals Oils (specialy made for photography) was painstakingly applied to the surface with cotton. That original is hanging in my house…   Wakening in the 21 Century that same negative was scanned at a high resolution the same color treatment applied has gone from pink to yellow and back again to gray scale.

Which do you like better?

@Fine Art America


2 Responses to “Pink Houses”

  1. Rich Lewis

    As long as you are asking, I like the original the best, but I’ve never been a big fan of overt coloring of photographs.


    • gunther

      Rich, thanks for your comments. I agree! It was just a phase I went thru in the 70’s. I will post a few choice winners. I did win a trip to LasVegas with three abstracts.



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